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Our Services

The services currently being delivered by Kimberley Employment Services (KES) are:




Kimberley Employment Services provides employment services to Broome Region.


Money Managment Services in Fitzroy Crossing


The program successfully works closely with Indigenous people to developing financial literacy throughout the Fitzroy Valley especially due to the lack of banking facilities.

Our Beginnings

Kimberley Employment Services (KES), formerly trading as Kullarri Employment Services, operates in Broome. Kimberley Employment Services (KES) was formed in 2003 by local Indigenous community members out of a need for people with local knowledge to be involved with the delivery of employment in the region.  We work with CoAct in delivering the jobactive employment contract in the Broome region, this relationship allows KES to keep our strong local identity while being a part of a successful national network. 

We specialise in proving employment and training services to Indigenous people, taking a holistic approach and individually tailoring our programs to the needs of our clients.  Wherever possible we employ local Indigenous workers to increase the uptake of knowledge, effective communication exchanges and increase engagement whilst delivering services.

What We Do                                         Our Partners


View our capability statement:                                                                                 Kimberley Employment Services currently works with the following                                                                                                                                              partner organisations to deliver services across the West Kimberley:




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