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Do you need reliable & capable staff ?


Kimberley Employment Services (KES) is passionate about supporting unemployed people in the Kimberley, into long-term employment. We have relationships with a number of aboriginal and non-aboriginal job seekers who we have coached, mentored and in instances, provided training and education to ensure they are ready and prepared for long term employment. If you are looking for reliable and capable staff, talk to us today!

PaTH Programme: Prepare - Trial – Hire

KES is engaging with young job seekers as part of the PaTH programme which is a new, flexible programme designed to help tackle youth unemployment and deliver real benefits to businesses.

Benefits to organisations include;

  • Financial incentives to reduce the cost of recruitment 

  • Testing the suitability of candidates before hiring 

  • On the job training for new employees at no cost to  the business

  • KES as a provider manages insurance, workplace risk assessment and other requirements

  • Lower staff costs

  • Motivated trained and enthusiastic workers

  • Interns can convert to permanent employees when the business is ready easily

Click on the flyer for further information:


Financial support available to employers

Financial support is available from both KES and the Government to assist with the training and employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


Find out more
If you would like to find out more, contact us today on:

Phone: (08) 9192 6700


Address : Shop 29, Paspaley Plaza, Broome, WA, 6725




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